SoftWear Automation raises $4.5 million to build robots that sew

Keep in mind the good old days when cartoon robot toys were all the rage? Perhaps you were a Transformers kid or perhaps you were into Microbots. And, if you were very lucky, you got to experience to pleasure of this mini changing Sewbots.

In the event that you were lucky you got the Sewbots Command Center and if you were really, really lucky now you can get the SoftWear Automation Sewbot, a completely functional sewing robot which could make pillows, pants, mattresses and towels. Five years ago the company received a grant for DARPA to product the first real sewing robots and they succeeded, ultimately raising $4.5 million to further advance the sewing state of the art.

Founded by a set of Georgia Tech science academics, the company was a response to the consequences of offshoring textile and apparel manufacturing had on the US economy, stated CEO Palaniswamy Raj Rajan. Theyve received a $2 million grant from the Walmart Foundation along with a $3 million Series A from CTW Venture Partners. This most recent round is really a Series A1.

The companys Sewbots has created 2 million house products since 2015. The robots have been intended to hold onto and sew fabric as well as other substances from mapping the surface as it sews. Sewing in general was a thorny problem for decades as well as the Sewbots are a few of the first robots to do it without resorting to heavily permeable substances.

Most automation in textiles and apparel is operation special focused on automating a specific procedure and still need an operator to feed and handle the machine, said Rajan. Utilizing our patented computer vision technology, SoftWears fully automated Sewbots can replace the operator without any modifications to the material.

Though a robot that could sew bathmats is not nearly as trendy as Cy-Kill, Spay-C, or Leader-1 you’re still able to be the first kid on your block to entirely alter the face of a labor force manufacturing procedure which has long been the bane of the planet everywhere. The choice is yours.

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