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Snobby Lady Gets Electrocuted After Telling Electrician She’s Too Rich For Him

It’s been said that being wealthy can solve all life’s problems, but something it can’t change is ignorance.

Rich people often have this feeling of entitlement that they expect them follow anything they say and to hear and can throw money at people. But one thing money can’t buy is a thorough comprehension of how electricity works. After 5aminsd arrived at a wealthy lady’s home to rewire the home, he was met through an ugly woman who believed she knew exactly what she was doing because she was so “wealthy and intelligent.” She should have left this as you might imagine.

“Had a customer argue with me that she knew exactly what she was doing because she was wealthy. She got electrocuted after I advised her to not do something and is now suing me.”

“She wanted me to design her intricate electrical wiring to get her home and make a solar system that’s off grid and services her home with the exception of one light bulb which would be tied into the electrical service firm (it’s stupid if you consider it).”

“Her claim was that she did not want the electrical firm touching a kWh of her precious production. I told her that we could begin on the initial set up and start to isolate a few breakers to get her set up began even though it was redundant (she promised that because she was wealthy, that she was right).”

“She asked for my line drawings and strategies (I always give them to my clients)… and in return, I told her to not touch anything and to not open her service board and tinker with it (I’ve email proof) and she did the specific opposite.”

“We got an angry call from our customer telling us that she died from our ‘neglect’ and ‘lack of work ethics’. . Though we told her contract that we simply take off the weekend and to not tinker with the service the solar system”

“She is suing us and I cannot wait to discuss my e-mails together with the judge and also show that the courtroom the instant moment that she turned on the system that we advised her to not turn on until we’d finished the job”


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