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Sephora’s Weekly Wow Sale Has Tarte & Urban Decay Palettes For Super Cheap

I am so fucking happy that today is Thursday, I actually can’t even. Obviously because tomorrow is Friday and I wanted this week to end like, the next Monday started, but also because it is the start of another Sephora Weekly Wow. Like, guys, I wish I was exaggerating when I say that this one is the best one by far and I won’t even feel bad about blowing my entire paycheck in a single sitting (#CantStopWontStop), but I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. From a Tarte multicolored palette which makes you seem like a sparkly ~ Urban Decay eyeshadow palette and an Amazonian princess this winter out of looking chapped AF into a treatment that prevents your lips, this can be thing Sephora could give us. I’d say start loading your cart but, you’re already grabbing your wallet if you know what is good for you. These will def market ASAP outshop now or forever hold your peace.

1.  Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette

This might be a set of 12 eye shadows, but those distinctive matte shades that are neutral and smokey are great to use anywhere, such as your nose if you want people to think you have a nose job or anything. Since they seem amazing on every skin tone each of the shades are to die for. I mean, LOOK at those swatches.   Since they are made out of Amazonian clay they’ll look 100x better than just like, regular stuff by making it look natural, crease- and flake-free.

2.  Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

In the event you haven’t seen just by looking at it, Urban Decay’s Moondust palette is all. The eight shades fulfill all of our fantasies with a Galaxy blue-purple-gray-whatever that looks something like my manicure colour and colors such as Lightyear green. Your go-to smokey eye got a HELL of a lot better.

3.  Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen Spf 15

The Chapstick you’ve been looking for that functions you will def never need to lose it again. The award-winning treatment (Did anybody know lip balms got awards? No? Okay, that’s what I thought) protects and moisturizes your lips instantly by supplying much-needed moisture. It supplies buildable protection from 14 different shades that are vivid and protects from sun damage. .

4.  Sephora Collection Smoke Machine Smokey Eye Brush Set

Who does not require makeup brushes? I mean, it is not like you actually wash yours anyhow. Ain’t nobody got time to get th–JK, that’s fucking gross and you ought to wash them immediately after work now. But if you’re enjoy me lazy and most certainly going to clean your brushes after work now, purchase this five-piece kit. Each brush allows you to sculpt eyebrows and make killer smokey eyes. Additionally, they come in a little pouch, so… new makeup bag? Yes, hey, sign me up.

5.  Dr. Brandt Skincare Microdermabrasion Age-Defying Exfoliator

This is fundamentally a wonder exfoliator that prevents erases scars breakouts, and fixes. If you’ve used this, you’d know I’m not even exaggerating. Additionally, it absorbs excess oil like having to purchase blotting sheets. Plus it smells so it’s def worth the splurge.

6.  T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer

This miniature was developed to make all of our dreams come true, namely, achieving a blowout on-the-go. The speed-drying your hair tf by coming with a travel pouch and voltage options you are and is designed for styling. Though smaller than usual, it eliminates af flyaways and frizz and still provides salon-worthy results. Fucking miracle.

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