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Sensible Gun Reform: Florida Will Now Require Anyone Carrying Out A School Shooting To Be Accompanied By A Therapist To Ensure Theyre Not Mentally Ill

Sadly, many students and teachers in America today live in fear that their school could be attacked by a gunman. But after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida lawmakers have finally stepped up to pass legislation that will protect students in their nation from having a similar nightmare: Florida is now requiring anybody carrying out a school shooting to be accompanied by a therapist to ensure they’re not mentally ill.

Thank God. The chance of a distressed person using a gun to perform horrific violence will no more be a daily concern for Florida&rsquo.

According to the new gun safety regulations, anybody who opens fire on students, teachers, or employees in a Florida school must now be chaperoned by a licensed adviser, who will occasionally administer an array of verbal and visual tests to the shooter to confirm that he or she is not experiencing symptoms of any psychiatric disorder recognized by the DSM-5 for the duration of the armed rampage. The therapist will be required by law to stay in his side for the duration of the attack and also to track him from the minute he opens fire on his classmates and teachers into the minute he turns his gun on his final victim.

If at any point whilst firing on their classmates, the active shooter exhibits symptoms of psychosis, bipolar disorder, ADHD, or another sort of mental illness, the therapist will be legally obligated to report the continuing massacre to the local police and the FBI, that will begin taking steps to neutralize the situation and to ensure the unstable shooter no longer has access to guns.

Nicely Florida. That is gun reform at its very best.

“We all know how dangerous it can be if a mentally ill individual gets their hands on a firearm, so from today, we’ll do everything we can to make sure any Florida resident who decides to work with a gun to kill kids inside a college is of sound mind,” explained Florida Governor Rick Scott. “We are confident that having health professionals present for many future school shootings can help us guarantee that everyone carrying out a school is able to pass a psychiatric background check. ”

That is amazing news. After the Parkland shooting’s dreadful bloodshed, it’so inspirational to see government officials work tough to give some reassurance to students and parents. In a country this is the type of sensible problem we need. Let’s hope this legislation finds its way to help keep American kids safe.

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