Samsung prices Galaxy Tab S3 at $599

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Productivity pill wars, started they have.

When Samsung introduced its new 9.7-inch Galaxy Interface S3 tablet computer past month, it had been clear Samsung made it to carry on Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad Guru, a tablet computer that may transform into a powerful productivity device with the inclusion of a Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. What was not clear, though, was how aggressive Samsung would maintain the pro-tablet struggle.

On Thursday, Samsung announced pricing (and availability) that puts Apple on note.

Starting at $599 for a 32 GB version (Wi-Fi-only) using expandable memory up to 256 GB, the Tab S3 seems, at least, aggressive. Apple’s 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro also begins at $599 for a 32 GB Wi-Fi-only version. But, Samsung’s price comprises the S-Pen. Apple charges an additional $99 for the Apple Pencil. Moreover, it will cost you another $100 for your 128 GB iPad Guru version. Tab S3 owners may upgrade the memory of the devices in their; a 128 GB micro SD card prices as little as $17.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and S-Pen

Picture: samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is somewhat lean (6 mm), lightweight (marginally lighter than the iPad Guru) tablet with built-in pencil and keyboard support (the Pogo computer keyboard is sold separately for $129.99).

It gives a Super AMOLED QXGA screen with 2048 x 1536 resolution (the same as the iPad Guru), USB-C fast charging, a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera (5-megapixel front) along with fingerprint sensor. Interior is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip and 4 GB of RAM.

Pre-orders begin on March 17 and the tablet and Pogo computer keyboard will be available in stores on March 24.

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