Salt Bae no longer salting with bare hands amid concerns over NYC health violations

Over two weeks following the Manhattan area of his Nusr-et Steakhouse started to unfavorable reviews, Eater NY rubbed a bit more salt into Salt Bae’s wounds by pointing out that he may have been violating NYC’s health codes by tackling his additives bare-handed.

Now, though, a patron in Manhattan’s Nusr-et Steakhouse has confirmed to Fox News which  Nusret Gökçe — aka “Salt Bae” — was using gloves to salt his steaks on Tuesday evening.

At Tuesday night, Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe had shifted his salting style.     (Ronn Torossian)

On the flip side, he does appear to be bouncing salt as seen in Instagram footage, until it hits the steaks.

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Eater first reported that Gökçe — who skyrocketed to global Instagram fame following his salt-sprinkling skills went viral in early 2017 — may have been violating New York City’s health codes together with his meat-caressing, flair-filled antics in an article they printed Monday.

Citing an article in the New York City Health Code, Eater noted that Gökçelectronic’s signature action of salting the meat bare-handed — without even wearing gloves — may be in breach of clause 81.07, that stipulates that employees must be using utensils of “adequate length to prevent bare hand contact with ready to eat potentially hazardous food. ”

But it’s not just his salting methods which were called into question: Since Instagram footage from his brand new restaurant has shown, he’s been slicing meat tableside in his NYC location, managing it sans-gloves before introducing it for consumption.

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A post shared by Nusret Saltbae (@nusr_et34) on


Another section of article 81 stipulates that “meals employees may not wear jewelry on their arms or hands” unless it’s a medical bracelet or “smooth ring” — a clause which Gökçelectronic appears to be violating with his flashy watch.

A representative for town’s Department of Health advised Eater.

Gökçe’s New York City restaurant started on Jan. 18, although following reviews were less-than-complimentary, rather than due to Gökçe’s salt-based antics. Steve Cuozzo of those New York Post deemed the place a “Heal” after he and two buddies racked up a charge totaling $521, even though they each only had two drinks with dinner. Joshua David Stein of GQ added the beef he ordered was “dull,” “hard” & “dull,” but that it “does not matter” simply because the experience is exactly what guests are likely paying.

Regardless of this, reviewers on Yelp have awarded NYC’s Nusr-et Steakhouse with three-and-a-half out of five stars.

Gökçe functions 12 other restaurants in Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Miami.  

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