Rural Internet system with REAL High Speed and No Data Limits

If you live in a rural area like me then you know that rural internet with high-speed Internet does not exist. The best you’re going to be able to get is satellite maybe DSL, depending on how far out you are from a small village or Township.

For about four years now I’ve been looking for way to get real high speed rural internet; Unlimited data, 100 mega better faster. We were actually on the verge of moving because we couldn’t get Internet out here, so there’s good news there are rural internet systems that you can buy that will give you high speed internet but the catch is you have to have a friend or family member that is on a high-speed rural Internet network provider such as Time Warner Cox or the other ones. That friend or family member preferably it’s going to live close to you and when I say close to you preferably line-of-sight so I’m going to show you the system that I bought that it does allow me to get high-speed Internet and the field you’re looking across to right now. I want you to keep this in mind.

We’ll talk about why this field is so important later on so what you’re looking at is what’s called a power beam AC 620 or commonly known as a nano bridge. It hooks up almost like a regular satellite but instead of pointing towards outer space you would point this to where the high-speed Internet access is. This system here has a 450 megabit download speed throughput meaning that it will accept up to 450 megabit download speeds.

Now back to the field that I was talking about earlier so if you look not to the amount of the residence to the left there with the red rook but if you look just to the right of that, you’ll see where both houses out there. That’s actually a Maine state highway that is where my internet access or my internet account actually comes in. So I have time warner, I have a time owner account that comes in over there. It goes through the AC 620 radio and it transmits it across the field to me and it’s approximately 1.1 miles away. I pay for 300 megabit download speeds. You would think that by the time that it gets to me that I would have a lot of drop-off, I’d lose a lot of speed and that there would be in a ridiculous amount of latency running through the system 1.1 miles away and I’m paying for 300 megabyte downloaded speeds.

I’ll show you what I actually get once it gets here as you can see I’m able to get well over the 300 megabits that I’m paying for and I’ve hit as high as 414 and my upload speed isn’t too bad either I’m hitting right around 22 to 24 this is the actual system itself I’m logged into the remote side meaning I’m logged into the radio that’s over a mile away and I’m looking at.

I’m able to look at the throughput, able to look at the amount of power that’s coming through the transmission power and what’s really important here is your RX chain on each one. So this is the remote side, this is my local side where I’m sitting now and you want those chains to be right around one to two and if you can get them to match that’s going to be the best and that’s going to also depend on the weather. And then transmission power, I have mine set at negative 4 now. A lot of people will crank those up. This will go up as high as 24 decibels but all you’re doing at that point is burning up the radio.

I’m only a mile apart. The only way I’d ever turn it up past 20 as if I was about 20 miles apart and they will reach about 20 to 25 miles consistently and they would be stable now. The constellation diagram here, that’s going to be very important if you see these little Wiggly circles. Here the goal is to get them to be as circular as possible so as constricted as possible no matter how tight you get, it you’ll still have the dancing around. That’s the actual radio waves. I can also look at the radio interference coming across that field right here in the 5800 megahertz range. There’s a little bit of interference that’s probably somebody else’s DSO or Wi-Fi router have up for their satellite connection.

I’m the only one with a high speed rural internet out here where I love that I’m aware of that actually has the system I’m the only one that has high-speed internet in this rural or country side area now. The rural internet system I use is made by ubiquity. I use the AC 620 somewhere on here it’s the ya power beam AC is what it is and this is more for a point-to-point access meaning the internet comes in at one location and you direct it to where you want it.

These rural internet systems are actually pretty cheap. I spent right around $1,200. It was a lot more than I had to spend. No matter where you’re at, you can get something up and running for maybe around five or six hundred bucks. And if you’re paying a ton for Internet where you’re at this thing will pay for itself in no time but ubiquity offers a lot of they offer a lot of products here you just have to decide what’s going to be best for you I what with the power beam AC because it is a very stable system.

But there’s other ones out there , rural internet options, and like I said you can expect to spend right around five or six hundred bucks. You just want to make sure you get all the proper power cable the cat 6 or higher you want to make sure you have surge protection in line which you can also buy that here and then you also want to make sure that you buy the proper mounting kit.

It does come with the hardware to mount it to a pole but finding that pole at your local hardware store you’re not going to find anything over 20 feet and you want to have it about 25 feet or higher if you’re out in the country. Then you also have to factor in field growth such as corn. It’s going to grow to 12, 13, 14 foot ,sometimes you want to be able to get above that. The cool part about these systems as it comes with the ability to run power through the ethernet cable, so you don’t have to run secondary power to it.

You run the ethernet cable to it that’s it. You run that into your home the way I have mine set up is I have the access point across the field. It shoots it across the field to my radio and then from my radio, I run a single cat6 Ethernet cable into my house and then into a router and I have the best router on the market before I moved to the country.

I built this sweet-ass computer with the best of everything in it and I got out here to the country and I called to have Time Warner hooked up and they told me it wasn’t available in my area but that they could rent it to my area for fifty five thousand dollars so that wasn’t feasible and I had to find a new way.

So I ended up researching it. It took me about three or four years to come up with this. So I built a sweet-ass computer and it sat here for about three years. So basically I had about a six thousand dollar paperweight now that I have high-speed, this thing is smoking fast so I hope you liked the video I hope I was able to help somebody out to get high-speed Internet to their home if you’re in a rural area.

Please like or comment at the bottom and I will be back with more videos once I learn how to work the ubiquity Power Beam to show you what it’s capable of doing. Thanks again.

The video is from Jay Graphi

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