Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty named one of 2017’s best inventionsand the internet agrees

2017 is currently wrapping up, which means best-of lists are already upon us. In one of the year’s most pleasant surprises though, Rihanna’s makeup line Fenty Beauty has secured a spot on Time‘s finest creations for 2017 listing.

Should youre unfamiliar with Fenty Beauty, the pop star launched her cosmetics line in September. Unlike many designers who largely concentrate  on lighter skin tones, Fenty Beauty  provides shades that complement equally  albino girls and Black women–and many, many more shades in between. Beauty models are diverse, challenging the beauty industry that is oft-whitewashed.

“It was also important that every girl felt included within this brand,” Rihanna told Time. “We are different so we started from the gate with the 40 base shades. ”

Fenty Beauty went viral when the makeup line first hit store shelves and, in its short life because, has encouraged other businesses to eventually take girls of colour’s attractiveness wants seriously. Oh, and yes, the Bad Girl loves what her fans do together with all the line, even if that involves setting makeup on flame. So it goes without mentioning that Fenty’s set on Time’s top 2017 creations has made many girls happy.

Timingfame is fine, of course, however Rihanna doesn’t need journalists to inform her that she’s’s making girls of colour feel heard.

Justt expect Fenty Beauty to stop with its present line. Rihanna has her sights set on making room for girls of colour in the beauty industry.

“The options are basically unlimited in the world of beauty, and I love challenges,” she clarified to Time, “so I’m going to continue to have fun and push the boundaries within this business. ”

H/T Teen Vogue

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