Report: Tillerson Snubbing Ivanka Trump’s India Trip Amid Tensions

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn’t sending a top delegation to accompany Ivanka Trump into a business summit in India because he doesn’t wish to promote her to the world stage, CNN reported.

In her highest-profile international event yet, the first daughter is attending the three-day   Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Hyderabad, sponsored by the State Department and India, next week. A theme of the summit is empowerment that is female.  

A State Department source told CNN that “no one higher than the assistant secretary is allowed to participate” at the India trip. Tillerson’s staff “won’t send someone senior because they don’t need to bolster Ivanka,” the source stated.  

Tillerson has a history of anxiety with the White House, and this might be the newest chapter. President Donald Trump has appeared to contradict his secretary of state a number of occasions. The president jeopardized to “destroy” North Korea at a speech before the United Nations, by way of instance, while Tillerson was counseling diplomacy. Trump said Tillerson was “wasting his time” on North Korea.

Tillerson also reportedly called Trump a “moron” after a summer meeting in the Pentagon with associates of Trump’s national security team and Cabinet officials, according to NBC. Tillerson never denied the word was used by him. Instead, he said in a press conference: “I’m not likely to deal with petty stuff like that. ”

Ivanka Trump&rsquo involvement in the summit is already contentious. Hyderabad has forcibly removed thousands of beggars from the roads, as well as imprisoned many of them, ahead of her visit. In the U.S., critics also question her qualifications as a promoter of women in business.  

Though the president touts “produced in America” goods, his daughter’s own fashions are manufactured exclusively in foreign factories paying low wages, The Washington Post has reported. A Post investigation discovered in tracking the treatment of the workforce that her business & ldquo; lags behind many in the apparel sector. ”

President Barack Obama attended both previous Global Entrepreneurship Summits at Silicon Valley (2016) and Nairobi, Kenya (2015) with a top delegation.

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