Nice Affordable Homes made from Recycle Shipping Containers

recycle shipping containers

Recycle shipping containers that looks simple, modern and adequately equipped for the seniors and singles

Shipping containers have been used for moving goods in 20 footer or 40 footer size around the world for many decades. It is responsible for almost all the things we had today. It’s structure is made of corrugated steel and it’s tough. Due to it’s simple box design and low cost of constructing, it was commonly used as a temporary office fully equipped with air conditioning. Only recently, the idea of making homes that are affordable for the seniors and singles, did the idea of shipping container came about. The current cost of making a home from these containers are still on the high side, but Jeff White, a real estate broker, believes that there are lots of room for cost down once this project is scale up. Look at some of the design he had made. Doesn’t it look nice ? If you don’t pay close attention to it, you wouldn’t have thought it was from recycle shipping containers.recycle shipping containers And take a look at the interior, doesn’t it look nice as well ? Check out this video, and see how Jeff White builds his house from the ground up.

recycle shipping containersrecycle shipping containers


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