Reconnect with nature by staying in a free owl-shaped cabin for free

Eliminate the grid reconnect with nature by staying in this adorable free cottage in the Bordeaux region of Southwestern France.

Why is it adorable? Because it is shaped like three giant forest owls.

You can stay within this sweet home for absolutely nothing as part of the artistic initiative, called Bruit de Frigo, inviting city people to disconnect, unwind, and go through the gorgeous nature around them.

In accordance with Boredpanda, Les Guetteurs (the watchers) are plywood cabins containing three floors, circular white beds, along with a boardwalk overlooking nearby wetlands. It was designed and assembled by contemporary art manufacturer Zbra3, also a project commissioned by artist-architect collective Bruit de Frigo as part of the Refuges priurbains (peri-urban shelters) effort.

As stated by the cabin’s booking site, the design is inspired by brachyotis, small owls of the marshes that cave on the floor and watch above the river. The beds are round to resemble footprints, and therefore are in the heads of their owls to allow campers to watch “the stars, the skies, the reflections of this river in darkness.”

Zbra3 designer Candice Petrillo further clarified the inspiration behind the design by saying, “The idea of the birds came to me quite quickly. Following the previous extension of the commercial area, I found migrants swirling round in the skies, seeking the old dried wetland. Animal nod and the contour of the object are in turn into a tribute to the sculptor Franois Pompon and Franois-Xavier Lalanne.”

Even though the construction lacks heat, water, and power, the price of getting in touch with nature is, actually, priceless.

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