Rape survivor: Not enough protection for victims in India

( CNN ) Brutal details have emerged of the drugging and gang-rape of a 21 -year-old Dalit girl on her way home from college in the northern country of Haryana, India. Dalits are often relegated to the lowest echoes of Indian society.

Left for dead, the girl was taken to hospital by a passerby, where she told police that two of her attackers had sexually assaulted her 3 years previously .
“However, in a country like India, these issues are not highlighted. This suit is being highlighted because it’s in the press. But for every 100,000 cases, only one get highlighted. And it will carry on this way until we apply zero tolerance for sex crime at any age, in every part of the country, for every caste .
“Here in India, we wake up to it every day. Every day it’s happening in our backyard. But it’s happening to ‘them, ‘ not to ‘us.’ Sensational cases increase visibility, but we need to acknowledge that statistics say every 22 minutes a woman or a child get raped in this country, and we need not only to violate our stillnes, but to act on it.
“Acting on it means to start work with our men and boys.
“We concentrate too much on the girls; how the girls should be strong, and how the girls should do this or that.
“Let’s start focusing how are we bringing up our sons, how “the mens” are behaving in our country and national societies. That would be one of the most important things to start off.”

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