Randy Travis Wife Is Told to “Pull the Plug” on Him After StrokeHer Response Leaves Doctors Stunned

Country music legend Randy Travis has seen a life of ups and downs. The previous four decades alone have provided plenty of material for the makings of a fantastic country tune.

In 2013, Randy endured a stroke so extreme, it killed him. The cardiomyopathy abandoned the country singer in a coma, and his spouse, Mary Davis-Travis, was pressured with the decision of her life.

Doctors suggested as his odds of success were slim-to-none, she & ldquo; pull the plug in & rdquo; on her husband. Still, rsquo Mary wasn &;t even interested in giving up on Randy.

“At this point, the one to two percent chance is 100 percent chance over zero,” Mary told USA Today in Feb. “I prayed hard, ‘God, please let me have him back, any way, shape or form. ’”

To the surprise of EVERYONE, Randy managed to prove doctors wrong. He pulled through. But now faced with the struggles of no more being able to walk, speak or sing, Randy embarked to take his life back.

After numerous surgeries, six weeks at the hospital and years of therapy, Mary couldn’t be more proud today of the dwelling miracle she has to call her husband.

“Randy stared death in the face, but death blinked,” she stated before an audience. It had been the night Randy was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame. “rsquo & Nowadays God;s proof of a miracle. ”


Randy has faced tremendous trials and triumphs in his journey, but one thing is rsquo & her husband;s smile.

“He wakes up with a smile on his head, and he goes to bed with a smile on his head,&rdquo.

In addition to making several appearances this season, Randy has teamed up with longtime friend and musician Dave Alexander to increase money for the Randy Travis Foundation, which provides “support for victims of strokes and cardiovascular disease, in addition to arts and entertainment instruction for at-risk kids. ”

Mary says her and Randy’they are optimistic for whatever God sends their way, and s faith stays strong.

“We can still serve a purpose,&rdquo. “We sing a new and distinct tune . ”

Randy has and will continue to reveal doctors that God had better plans for him than Mary pulling on the plug that day. Along with his slew of country music lovers that are supporting will back him all the way.

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