PUBG takes the Chicken Dinner with 4 million players on Xbox alone

People like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the sport in which you basically re-enact a variant of Battle Royale together with you personally as one of the contestants from the survival game. It had enormous success in alpha prior to its entire launch on PC, and now we know that console gamers also love the heck out of it using the Xbox One version despite reports of encounters that are buggy.

Bugs aside, Xbox One’s PUBG participant community now exceeds four thousand individuals. That’s a very big number considering this PUBG for Xbox One came out which sales to date for its Xbox One’s amount is about 30 million according to current quotes.

If you read this because you don’t understand what the heck ‘PUBG’ is, then now is the time to find out: Microsoft simply pushed an upgrade for the game with a bunch of bug fixes and content developments, and it’s devoting individuals who buy the game before the end of the month bonus in-game credits to dress your personality.


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