Pro/Con of 'Heating Foils'

x-Posting this in a couple places as there doesn't seem to be a large green building sub on Reddit, but hopefully someone here might be able to lend me some advice?

I am in the planning stages of a new home build. It will be a 'low energy' home, but not quite to a passive standard. The home is small (~120 sqm) with three bedrooms. We are in a temperate climate zone in central Europe.

We have been discussing heating systems recently and our builder & architect are both keen to use "heating foils" (example here). The problem is, I know basically nothing about this type of system and can not seem to find much online that weighs the benefits of these systems and what to watch out for.

Our builder has given us his feedback, but I still prefer to do my own research (which is coming up empty so far). Is there anyone out there who has experience with these systems?

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