Prevent Your Landing Page from Becoming a Launching Pad (See What I Did There?)

Used every tip, trick, and marketing technique to get visitors to your landing page? Well done. But are you confident you’ve done everything you can do to not only keep them there, but convert them?

I can basically hear the “Hmm, well…” from here. Stop chewing your nails, and put your eyebrows back down where they should be. Vidyard and Unbounce held a webinar last week about “Simple Techniques to Drive More Landing Page Conversions with Video”.

If you missed it the first time around, here’s your chance to check out some enticing tidbits, and once your interest is fully piqued, you can click right on over to the pre-recorded video to get aaaall the goods:

Use video in your campaigns

This one should come as no surprise. Video is exciting, and tells a story in a quick, engaging manner, in a way that other formats just can’t match. The data backs up the importance of video: it increases the open rate of emails by 13%, and drives more traffic to landing pages.

Use it to talk about your customers’ pain points, and then encourage them to download your accompanying e-book. Or, use it to get viewers excited about an upcoming party on your event’s registration landing page. There are plenty of ways to incorporate video on landing pages to drive conversion.

Just keep in mind that videos work best above the fold, and when they do not autoplay (unless the visitor is clicking a video thumbnail from an email). If they’re between 30 seconds and a minute long, that’s the sweet spot.

Your video thumbnail can encourage clicks…or not

If you put so much effort into your landing page copy and video content, why ignore the thumbnail (also called the splash screen, it’s the image the viewer sees before they click play)?

Auto-generated splash screens can be awful. Vidyard, Vimeo, and YouTube allow users to choose their own image, and Vidyard even allows you to A/B test which one is best. Make the image enticing without giving too much away, and choose one that fits well into your page design.

Check out these images that were randomly generated for our Marketing Summit video:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.35.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.36.12 PM

Not so great, eh? The one we chose ourselves works a lot better to attract clicks!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.35.03 PM

Use in-video CTAs for added interactivity

You know what keeps people interested? Asking them to do stuff! That’s what calls-to-action are for. Encourage viewer interactivity by adding a CTA to your video. Make sure the CTA is in line with the purpose of your landing page. For example, if it’s a registration page, the CTA can point viewers to sign up. If it’s about a white paper, encourage them to download it.

Video is a vital component of a successful landing page, but the page as a whole needs to be considered to ensure it’s effectively driving conversions. Oli Gardner talks about the 7 principles of creating high-converting landing pages:

The super 7Attention: People don’t want to have to try to puzzle out what you’re trying to tell them. Make sure your landing page is telling people to do only one thing! Keep it clear of clutter and different messages that distract and split engagement rates.Context: The post-click experience should match the pre-click experience. No matter where visitors are coming from, your landing page should be offering them what you promised.Clarity: It must be immediately clear what the landing page is about. If copy, video, CTAs, and other content is creating confusion or ambiguity about the core message, try tightening things up.Congruence: You know what helps clarity? If all the content on the page is talking about one thing! If your landing page was created to encourage people to download a whitepaper, don’t create copy detailing the benefits of the software that the whitepaper talks about. Talk about the whitepaper. Capiche?Credibility: Experts and academics rank the highest in terms of credibility, even moreso than peer groups and CEOs.Closing: Did you know even mentioning that there is a video on your landing page increases engagement? You can tighten things up even more to help close the customer by removing words that are perceived negatively from your landing page experience. That includes words like no spamming, no gimmicks, or unsolicited. (Even saying you don’t spam draws the visitor’s attention and focus to the word spam!)Continuance: Once the visitor takes the action you wanted, what happens next? If they downloaded a white paper or signed up for something, the next thing they see should be a page (or email) that says “Thank you for downloading the white paper”, or something similar, so they know they were successful. Don’t simply bounce them back to your website; make sure their experience is guided, relevant, and positive.

Want to learn more? Listen to the full webinar, and check out the goodies Unbounce created to help you measure the effectiveness of your own landing pages.



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