President Trump reportedly thinks the White House is a real dump

When there is 1 thing countless Americans adore about President Donald Trump, it’s his penchant for ignoring established norms.It’s also what so many on the left dislike about himand they now have a new reason to feel that scorn.

According to Golf, Trump told members of the golfing resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, that he preferredit there because the White House was a ditch.

Chatting with some members before a current round of golf, he explained his frequent appearances:. ” (A White House spokesperson denies this occurred.)

Of course, folks jumped to say.

However, here’s the thing. The White House is a dumpas luxury living standards go. It was rebuilt following the War of 1812 in the early1800s and was not brought up to modern standards by anyone ’ s accounts. Here’s Vanity Fair describing the place:

New inhabitants are surprised at precisely how small the bodily quarters are. The configuration results from a renovation made to boost the presidents staff’s workspace without enlarging the footprint of this building. Parts of this West Wing can sense grungy and older, and look as if they’ve been repainted. A number of the offices contain mousetraps to resist the infestation that is inevitable.

Imagine the reaction if this quote was issued by the first lady about 1600 Pennsylvania:

Oh, God. Its the place in the world. So cold and dreary. A dungeon . I have not see anything like it. I cant bear the thought of moving in. I hate it, I hate it, hate it.

A first lady did say that about the White Housebut not Melania Trump. That has been First Lady Jackie Kennedy, wife of President John F. Kennedy. Trump is either betraying the country or stating the obvious. The difference lies in the way he is seen by you as with everything the president does.

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