‘Polishing a Rusty Knife’ is a perfect video and deserves the world

The # 1 video on YouTube right now is “Polishing a Rusty Knife, ” uploaded by Japanese YouTuber Jun on Monday. I’ll cut right to it this is a great video, and it deserves this honor.

First of all, the narrative arc here is extremely fulfilling. As Jun clarifies, he acquired the rusty bayonet for$ 3 far more than it was worth in its dilapidated precondition. So, to get the best of the dude who rent him off, he painstakingly devotees and sharpens it to perfection. It’s a beautiful revenge tale! Wow.

But the meditates don’t be brought to an end. After Jun finishes refining the bayonet, he demonstrates its newfound abilities by finely chopping a bunch of vegetables and he’s clearly an expert in the kitchen. Now we have two satisfying videos in one! Wow.

Finally and a lot of Redditors have already pointed this out Jun’s cute orange cat( who virtually gazes thrilled by the knife-polishing jaunt) really heightens the video into “classic” territory. But, pals, there is also a subtle second cat in the background. Watch it, perched on the countertop and gazing out the window? Wow.

Now this is a video that gets it right.

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