People can seem more racist as they get older, but it’s not simply a case of ‘being from a different time’

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Research has shown there is greater prejudice among older adults.
This is often dismissed as older people being “from a different time,” but this is not the whole story.
As we get older, certain parts of our brain shrink, making us less inhibited.
So older people may just be saying things they wouldn’t normally say.
In other cases, they may have just always been that way.
It’s up to the people close to the elderly to decide whether their remarks are meant maliciously or not.

It’s become something of a national meme in the UK that 97-year-old Prince Philip might say something culturally insensitive when he’s out in public. Similarly, people may find their grandparents say more unpalatable things as they get older.

These remarks are brushed off because older people “are from a different time,” and “it’s a different world to the one they grew up in.” But while this may be partially true, it’s not the full story.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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