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Paul Ryan’s celebration of a woman’s $1.50 paycheck boost leads to hilarious viral hashtag

House Speaker Paul Ryan really put himself in an awkward place on societal websites on Saturday. Ryan’s tweet celebrating a public school employee earning an additional $1.50 per week moved mega-viral–and not in a good manner, with innumerable people mocking and deriding the Wisconsin congressman for the tone-deaf tweet.

The next message was tweeted from Ryan’s accounts on Saturday afternoon and then was subsequently deleted after it became clear how badly it was being obtained.


Needless to say, people were somewhat surprised to hear Ryan, one of the leading architects and ideological supporters of the GOP tax plan, bragging about putting a paltry extra $1.50 at a working woman’s pocket weekly. And today there’s a hashtag, #WithABuckFiftyAWeek, trending as the result of Ryan’s epic flub.

Whoever sent that tweet out of Ryan’s accounts, if it was a hapless staffer, must be feeling somewhat sheepish. The picture of Ryan boasting over a woman’s paycheck increasing by a buck and a half per week―in order to pay for a membership to receive her into a big warehouse shop full of additional  goods she’d demand more cash to buy―gives off more of the Oliver Twist impression compared to one of compassionate governance.

Ryan’s opponent Randy Bryce, from the 2018 electionstaking the opportunity. Whether this ends up supporting remains to be seen–even though with the additional nickels apparently spilling from people’s pockets nowadays, it may not be the worst strategy.


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