‘Overwatch’ player delights team with soundboard reactions

Image: blizzard entertainment

Soundboards are usually pretty limited, but one Overwatch player packed up one with clips suitable for nearly every conversational situation.

Overwatch participant and Redditor Nezzybit shared a handful of highlights in an Overwatch match with participant BumbleDJ, who put up a soundboard pulling perfect quotations from various movies, video games, and songs to convey during the match.

BumbleDJ greets his fellow players with a rousing “Good morning, Vietnam!” In the voice of Robin Williams in the movie of the exact same name. He calls out their particular kills and taunts enemies with quotes such as, “M-m-m-monster kill!” From the match Unreal Tournament. He even plays a clip to rally his team after dropping the first round.

BumbleDJ also had helpful callouts on the soundboard, channeling Beyonc when pointing enemies out “into the left, to the left,” or yelling out “Tactical nuke incoming!” When the enemy D.Va utilized her deadly, explosive ultimate.

The best thing by far, though, is when the team loses the match and BumbleDJ played the song “Fix You” by Coldplay with its sad lyrics “When you try your best and you do not triumph” because the opposing team presents in success.

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