Open letter to Ariana Grande from a dad of three fans will make you cry

A father of three Ariana Grande devotees has penned an open letter to the pop starring, offering some “redneck desire from a daddy of daughters” following the heartbreaking events at Manchester arena.

The letter by Patrick Millsaps from Georgia, U.S. has since run viral, gaining almost 20 K retweets and over 40 K likes.

“I am the father of three daughters ages 13, 12 and 12. So, you have been a part of our household for years, ” wrote Millsaps whose daughters are named Morgan, Alison and Kendall.

“On occasion your ballads have stayed on the radio AFTER I have lowered the girls off at school. I will neither confirm nor deny that I have personally visualized every chapter of Sam and Kat , ” he continued.

Millsaps told Grande he saw her tweet in which she said she was “so so sorry” but he wanted to set the record straight.

“You don’t have a dadgum thing to apologize for, ” wrote Millsaps, adding that she was in no way responsible for the tragic events which transpired.

Millsaps advised “on behalf of all papas who love your…um…whose daughters love your music, ” that she should only sing again when she feels ready.

“Music is the international language of peace. Every time you open your mouth and share that incredible God-given gift to the world, you make this crappy world-wide a little less crappy, ” replied Millsaps.

He added that he appreciates that there are people like Grande in the world. “Take care of you two are. Your devotees aren’t going anywhere, ” he said.


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