One Of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Contestants Has An Interesting Connection To Donald Trump

As a result of the investigative powers of people on the internet i.e. Reddit (these people are fucking amazing with the quantity of dirt they can dig up, btw, we love you forever) and Truth Steve (obviously has some sort of pact with Satan), we’re pretty confident we can safely predict among those front-runners of the upcoming period of : ” We don’t understand how they found out this info, but somehow they understand that former Miss Massachusetts USA Caroline Lunny is reportedly competing. Of all the blondes girls who we understand will be competing next season, Lunny seems to have the chops to take her into the peak of the “to watch” list and is already being declared a front-runner to locate her way in to Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s bed, and possibly even his heart.   In the case you don’t understand your Miss USAs from your Miss Americas, (congrats and good for you) The Miss America program is the one where you have to have a talent and Miss USA is the one where you got sexually assaulted by a guy who’s now the President of the United States. So anyhow, Lunny was Miss Massachusetts in 2014. So we know she adept at managing creeps, which might come in handy.

In accordance with her old contestant bio, she wanted to host her own TV series one day–cue opinion about how she not here for the ideal reasons. She’s also a big fan of the New England Patriots. Shocking, believing she had been Miss Massachusetts and Tom Brady exists.

Since she dropped in the Miss USA pageant, so what’s she been doing? Well, obviously gearing up for a career as a contestant. She’s in a career that’s easy to get out of: real estate. And she is pretty busy becoming super professional there, you know, posting images of her fixing up a house having an ass cheek hanging outside. Classic.

Why is it that we think she will be a front-runner? Um, can you see her? This photo has complete Vanessa vibes, and this woman is sexy AF and probably super enchanting (unlike the above “Vanessa”) believing she spent her youth schmoozing pageant judges. She also knows her way round athletes. Lunny has been linked to hockey player Reily Smith. Yeah, I get race car drivers and Canadian hockey players aren’t athletes’ upper echelon you might be dating, but still.

Then again, among her IG followers is Jen Saviano, aka the girl who got dropped by Nick Viall on One Redditor pointed out that they both reside in exactly the exact same city and they might understand each other,  so it’s possible that Caroline is not totally unconnected to the franchise. I’m also not saying that, although I’m not saying this is all a revenge plot go on to seduce Nick for Caroline on get removed and then ditch him on television prior to getting the next.

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