Old Faithful Snow Lodge in Yellowstone National Park

The cozy and quaint Bear Den Gift Store serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For dinner, diners can eat at one of the two full-service restaurants or enjoy a roasted turkey, barbecue sandwich, or entree salad in the lobby. If you’d rather stay in and watch the geyser from your room, try the reservable dining room, which offers a traditional American-style meal with a Western twist.

The first eruption of the year is celebrated at Old Faithful, the iconic geyser in Yellowstone National Park. After dinner, guests are treated to a festive holiday feast. The lodges are decorated with holiday lights and ornaments. The staff also sings carols about a winter wonderland as guests enjoy a hearty meal and drink in the natural surroundings. Guests can look forward to quieter evenings at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge in Yellowstone National Park

A roaring fire warms the lobby at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge. A fireplace in the lobby provides a cozy spot for games and a warm cup of tea. The Bear Den Ski Shop provides cross-country ski rentals and tours, and the hotel’s dining room has plenty of space for board games. The lobby also has unfinished puzzles and fireplaces. The weather in Yellowstone is cold, with temperatures ranging from 0 to 30 degrees.

In the Grand Lodge, guests can enjoy a delicious dinner. The Frontier class cabin is an intimate setting located in the park and is a short walk from the Upper Geyser Basin. The 1920s-style cabins feature stone pillar construction and an impressive stone fireplace. These accommodations are national historic landmarks, so visitors are sure to appreciate the rustic charm and cozy ambiance. Throughout the hotel, guests can also visit the famous Old Faithful Visitor Center, three miles away from the Mystic Pools.

The main lodge is a classic, one-story building built in 1920 that features wood and stone accents throughout. A one-story lobby is decorated with full-color photographs of Old Faithful’s history and offers contemporary comforts. The interiors of the old-fashioned Lodge have a rich heritage, and the decor is both comfortable and luxurious. You can relax in the comfort of the guest rooms while enjoying an evening of tradition at Old faithful.

While a trip to Yellowstone will be an unforgettable experience, don’t forget to visit the Old Faithful Inn. Whether you want to take in the magnificent sights and sounds of the region, the Snow Lodge is a great place to relax. The historic building is surrounded by a large outdoor terrace, which is ideal for relaxing. During the summer, there’s still a chance to enjoy a fireside dinner.

The lobby is decorated with a raft of antique-style decor, including a log-clad fireplace. The lodge is located in a winter wonderland at 7,300 feet in elevation. During the winter, the glacier’s geyser can be seen right next door. Throughout the park, the Old Faithful Snow Lodge is also a popular spot for socializing, with a hot beverage lounge and cozy seating.

The Old Faithful Snow Lodge was constructed in 1957 and opened for the first time to tourists in 1971-72. The original lodge served as the registration office for winter trips and was later used for employee housing and dining. After a year of operation, the lodge began constructing 24 new cabin units. By 1975, it was able to accommodate a greater number of visitors and became the most popular lodging in Yellowstone.

The Snow Lodge and Cabins are two of the most modern of the park’s lodges. They are open all year long and are located within the Old Faithful area. The main lodge building features a cafeteria and a fireplace. During the winter, the snow lodge is closed but is open in the summer during mid-December and early-February. In the summer, the resort is open for dinner and offers a variety of activities.

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