Oculus founder plots surveillance tech startup to help Trump build border wall

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey
Image: Bryan Steffy/ Getty Images for Dell

If you thought the pioneering founder of virtual reality company Oculus, Palmer Luckey, was just going to fade into the shadows with his Facebook money, believe again.

While recent reports indicated that his second act are liable to be a gaming company, it is about to change that he’s also working on a protection company that has an ominously familiar mission: policing immigration borderline walls.

Details about Luckey’s brand-new startup were exposed on Sunday night in a report from the New York Times that cites at the least three “people familiar” with the VR expert’s plans.

The primary mission of the startup, which will be funded in part with currency from Peter Thiel‘s Founders Fund, will be to develop surveillance engineering that uses lidar( which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, a engineering common in self-driving cars ), infrared sensors, and cameras to help borderline officials avoid illegal crossings.

“We require a brand-new kind of defense company, one that will save taxpayer dollars while making superior engineering to maintains our troops and citizens safer.” Palmer Luckey

“We are expending more than ever on defense engineering, yet the speed of innovation has been slowing for decades, ” Luckey said in a statement to the Times , substantiating the existence of the startup. “We require a brand-new kind of defense company, one that will save taxpayer dollars while making superior engineering to maintains our troops and citizens safer.”

Such a startup from most tech founders wouldn’t raise many eyebrows. But the facts of the case that Luckey has been previously identified as a Trump supporter along with his backer, fellow Trump supporter Thiel the collect of realities immediately develops the specter of Trump’s frequently mentioned border wall with Mexico. Up to now, it seemed as though the wall might have been simply another campaign promise lost amid the chaos of Trump’s White House. But it’s possible that Luckey’s sensor technology could make it a lot easier for Trump to deploy a “virtual” border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

In the report, we also learn that Luckey owns at the least two belongings in New York and California that mansion decommissioned missile silos, and owns several military vehicles, adding him to the index of eccentric tech founder preppers who appear to be spending millions to prepare for social collapse.

And if those very obvious connecting dots aren’t enough to bolster the idea of having Luckey as Trump’s border wall go-to guy, the report even claims that Luckey has already met with Trump official Steve Bannon to discuss use the technology on the wall.

Following the 2016 discoveries that he’d money a pro-Trump, anti-Hillary Clinton internet effort, Luckey has tried to frame his politics in the vaguest of words, but there’s good-for-nothing vague about his new startup. If Trump’s widely denounced border wall moves forward, it looks like Luckey is going to be one of the main operatives helping to make it a not-so-virtual reality.

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