Why are these “Nuns” Growing Cannabis ?

growing cannabis

Even the US Government are finally admitting Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells …. so why do you think these “nuns” are growing Cannabis ?

We have been misled for a long time and it’s time we know what the real potential of this plant, and help save the common people whom has been out of reach of this wonderful mother nature.

The Spirit Science described it very well here. 

“These nuns are breaking all traditions of ordinary nun-hood. The sisters actually don’t consider themselves Catholic or associate with any specific traditional religion. These women have the purpose of cultivating cannabis and understanding that it is a sacred medicine to be respected. They call themselves Sisters of the Valley, and on their site it states:

“We respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth, working to bridge the gap between Her and her suffering people,”

They’ve created a spiritual space that they consider sacred to produce different kinds of CBD oil’s, tinctures, salves and different organic medicine. Many of these concoctions have proven to be extremely effective in treating a wide range of ailments, anything from back pain, seizures, migraines and much more.

These women are amazing because they observe the cycle of the Moon and produce the medicine in conjunction with the Moon cycles. This is incredible because the energy they are putting into their creations are extremely full of care and purity.

Located in California’s Central Valley, these sisters are really bending the rules of what it means to be a sister.


Picture from The Spirit Science


Picture from The Spirit Science


Picture from The Spirit Science

Check them out here. “

You can also check the original blog post in facebook at Sisters of Valley.

We should access to this miracle plant what our mother nature had given to us. Nobody should takes this away from us. Let our Mother Nature cure us.

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