Nintendos bringing DIY robots and more to the Switch using cardboard

Nintendo’s big new surprise interactive experience for the Switch has become official, and it’s essentially a maker kit for the mobile console which uses cardboard part bits to allow folks to construct a array of different creations and play them using the console into power games which interact with all the DIY components.

NintendoLabo is like a next-level LEGO, using kits that allow you to do things like construct working pianos that interact directly with Switch software, and also make your own robots. Nintendo shows an interactive fishing game using a real, build-it-yourself cardboard fishing pole you can use to capture things in-game, along with a rolling bot you can remote-control together with the Switch’s touchscreen, as only a couple of examples.

It actually looks super fun, and there’s a variety kit plus also a robot kit coming out on April 20, 2018, with pricing beginning at $69.99, which seems like a deal for the level of interactivity and imagination which’s accessible with these items. The Labo kits include all the cardboard pieces you want to construct the projects they contain, as well as the Switch software necessary to run the interactive digital elements.

Nintendo can also be promoting Labo customization kits for $10 which will ship in the same time, and provide stencils, tape and stickers that allow you to customize the creations so that your cardboard robot backpack looks different from everyone else’s cardboard robot backpack.

Kudos to Nintendo for once again ignoring the well-trod floor of putting more silicon and technology supporting their gaming console ambitions, and rather striking out into the unknown of the weird and wacky. This looks like a really good time, and yet one which acquired’t inevitably result in a huge new supply of waste plastic after people move on to the next thing.


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