New Netflix doc trailer digs deep in Flint, Michigan

Flint, MI has been on radar for some time today, but the problems of the city are not over, nor did they arise from nothing. Netflix’s most recent documentary collection, Flint Town, explores the background and trajectory of this city how poverty, police relations, along with a infamous water catastrophe took a hefty toll.

Flint is a city of 100,000 people with roughly 0.1 percent of the staffing the police force. In the trailer residents express mistrust for the law or hopelessness at just what the city — after a promising hub ranked high in possible and security — is now.

The eight-part Flint Town appears at Flint’s mounting struggles through the lens of its own understaffed law enforcement and follows them for a year of this debilitating water catastrophe. In the directors’ own words, “Flint never quits.”

“Flint feels so unique and forgotten,” manager Zackary Canepari stated in a press release. “It’s a charismatic, bizarre place that’s been around the fringes for so long the abnormal has become ordinary. And was a trend, even for outsiders to see Flint at one-dimension, during the height of this water crisis. But it’s not one-dimensional. “

Events like the 2016 presidential elections along with a vote gave themselves naturally to the year-in-the-life narrative, as did approaching the city.

“Despite all the problems confronting Flint today, there’s a relentless and unshakable spirit which most people in Flint nevertheless can hold on,” stated his co-director Drea Cooper. “It’s magnetic, and that’s what keeps us coming back”

Flint Town premieres on Netflix March 2.

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