New fast food rewards programs must-have is apparently cryptocurrency

Since the bitcoin and blockchain trend continues to explode, nothing should really surprise us. Yet there is news that a business that owns some smaller burger chains and a couple Hooters locations made some wonderful cash off of said trend on Tuesday.

Chanticleer Holdings, whose brands include American Burger Co. and Little Big Burger, dropped an announcement about a new “loyalty program” that would reward clients using units of a proprietary cryptocurrency to work with on future dishes through the MobivityMind blockchain platform.

Upon this announcement, Chanticleer’s inventory became hot passion for some time this morning, going as high as 95 percent over its previous value. Things have calmed a bit, but as of publication of this post, it’s still up 48 per cent.

As business fads go, blockchain is emerging as a particularly profitable means to turn any company’s stock into a winner. One cigar firm that recently announced it’s getting into “aggressive cryptocurrency mining” saw its stock rise a whopping 2,233 percent.  

A press release from Chanticler gave a few more details, including the title of the cryptocurrency to be utilized (Mobivity Merit) and how it works: make components of Mobivity Merit with your purchases and watch your account to be utilized for future dishes surely skyrocket along with your waist!

Michael D. Pruitt, Chairman, president and CEO of Chanticleer Holdings, said in the announcement: “Utilize your Merit mined by eating at Little Big Burger to get a buffalo chicken sandwich in American Burger Co., or trade them with your vegan buddy so he could get a veggie burger in BGR. And that’s only the beginning.”

Sounds utterly delightful.

As for what this means if you visit one of Chanticleer’s nine Hooter’s locations? Well, nothing. Pruitt told Mashable that the Hooters locations wouldn’t be included in the program at this moment.  

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