Nest’s new home camera can ‘zoom to enhance’ thanks to 4K

Nest Cam’s $299 Cam IQ utilizes 4K to establish “zoom to enhance” a reality .

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CSI’s “zoom to enhance” is now a real thing thanks to Nest’s brand-new Cam IQ home security camera.

The $ 299 Cam IQ is the third member in the Google-owned smart residence company’s hassle-free Nest Cam family. It’s is not simply most powerful than any previous Nest Cam, but also remarkably attractive( as far as residence security cameras travel ).

I called the Nest Cam Indoor the “iPhone of Wi-Fi-connected security cameras” back when I reviewed it in 2015. A year later Nest introduced the Nest Cam Outdoor for observing everything outside of the home.

Now, the Nest Cam IQ is here to blow both cameras out of the ocean and even its closest competition.

Most security cameras are ugly and most definitely not cute. The Nest Cam IQ looks like something Apple or Pixar designed. Squint-eyed and you are able to correct it for sibling to Wall-E’s adorable Eve robot( which, by the way, was partially designed by Apple’s Jonathan Ive .)

Looking all cute af.


Its lily-white bulbous head is on the large back compared to the Nest Cam Indoor, but every little detail has been thoughtfully crafted.

A special hinge was generated that both houses wiring and lets the camera swivel up, down, left and right. Its USB-C cable is flush when connected to the base.

And speaking of the base: it’s perfectly weighted so that the camera never topples over.

Just look at the sweet, sweet hinge and redden cable!


While I don’t take back what I said about the Nest Cam Indoor, the Nest Cam IQ will be still more of an Apple-like product.

It’s jam-pack some smarts

Home-friendly searches aside, the Nest Cam IQ is likewise mighty powerful. The features rolling out when the camera arrives by the end of June won’t even make full utilize of all the technology jam-pack inside; Nest says there are tons of features it’ll announce subsequently, so reviewed and considered the Nest Cam IQ somewhat future-proofed.

Its big head has a boatload of tech inside.

Image: Nest

Naturally, the Nest Cam IQ’s big head is stuffed full of high-tech smart surveillance tech. There’s a brand-new 8-megapixel camera with a 130 -degree field of view capable of capturing footage in 4K resolution with High Dynamic Range( HDR) and then downsampling that down to a crisp 1080 p resolution live feed.

“Zoom to enhance”

Although the live feed is 1080p, that 4K sensor is what allows the camera to basically establish “zoom to enhance” a reality. With 4K, you can digitally zoom in and get a 1080 p full HD crop enough to clearly make do details you wouldn’t be able to if you digitally zoomed in on a 1080 p resolution video.

I read a brief demo of this feature and wow. Merely to put that in perspective, I said the enhance feature on the Nest Cam Indoor “doesn’t really do anything.” Well, the Cam IQ definitely does.

Even it’s “butt” is pretty.


Other nerdy specs include a 6-core processor, three microphones, two 940 nanometer infrared LEDs for improved Night vision, a orator that’s 7x most powerful than the Nest Cam Indoor/ Outdoor , noise and echo smothering for even clearer tone, 2×2 MIMO 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE.

More important than a beautiful shell and powerful imaging tech is the Nest Cam IQ’s intellect. Out of the box, proprietors get Nest’s brand-new “Person alerts”, which detects when there’s person or persons in the camera’s field of view( and not a pet or a darknes) and then sends you a notification, and “Supersight”, which is a picture-in-picture idea showing a tracking shot of person or persons in the field of view windowed inside of the larger 130 -degree angle.

Nest Cam IQ utilizes a 4K sensor to give you 12 x digital zoom.


Get yourself a Nest Aware subscription and you’ll get two additional smart features. “Familiar Face alerts” utilizes facial detection to identify faces you’ve selectively added to your Nest app so that you can know exactly which friends and family members are in a room; an unrecognized face could tell you there’s an interloper. “Intelligent audio alerts” sends you a notification for sounds the camera hears( suppose barking or people talking) that’s outside of the field of view.

With all of these intelligent features, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned anything about integration with the Google Assistant. You’d suppose as Google-owned company Nest would support the Assistant. As I said earlier, there are still features Nest hasn’t announced yet, and Assistant support is one of them. I’m told we’ll hear more about Assistant and Google Home integration subsequently this year. But rest assured, it’s coming.

I’ll have to wait until I get my hands on the Nest Cam IQ to see if its “zoom to enhance” and handful of brand-new intelligent features are worth the upgrade over the Nest Cam Indoor/ Outdoor, but based on my brief playtime with it, I have a hunch it is. I’m not gonna lie, $299 is steep for a security camera, but there’s no price for peace of mind.

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