Need a lift during the blizzard? Ansel Elgort is ready, ‘Baby Driver’-style

Image: sony

There are lots of ways to celebrate a snow day, but Ansel Elgort could have us all beat.  

The Baby Drivercelebrity took out his car to get a literal twist during the East Coast “bomb cyclone” to get a couple of speedy loops in the snow.

Please be aware: Baby is a professional Baby Driver. Do not try this at home.

In Baby Driver, Elgort plays the titular Baby and driver, a teen with tinnitus who compels escaping criminals to make additional cash. Elgort’s blizzard antics are a real preview of the movie, which delights in multiple high-speed car chases set to whatever Baby is listening to on his iPod. We are going to suppose Elgort has earphones on under that hoodie to keep in character.

Baby Driver is currently available for digital download.


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