Morning Digest: Kansas governor struggles against Kris Kobach a week ahead of GOP primary

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KS-Gov: If this uncommon brand-new area from Gov. Jeff Colyer is any indicator, the incumbent believes he’s the underdog versus Secretary of State Kris Kobach in next week’s GOP primary.

Colyer’s business argues that the race has boil down to a two-person contest , however the storyteller advises the audience that other hopefuls are still on the tally. As images of 2006 candidate Jim Barnett, state Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer, and obscure business owner Patrick Kucera appear, the storyteller argues that “a choose any of these prospects is basically a choose Kris Kobach, increasing his opportunities of success.” The narration goes on to state that Colyer is the only one who can beat Kobach “for our schools” and “for our economy,” urging citizens, “Don’t reverse.”

It’s quite odd to see somebody running an advertisement motivating other prospects’ fans to choose him rather. The area likewise does not even make much of a case for why Colyer would be a lot better than Kobach. Rather, it simply mainly hopes that Barnett, Selzer, and Kucera citizens currently concur that he would be.

The inspiration it is clear. Simply a few days ago, Kobach launched an internal survey revealing him leading Colyer 34-25 , with Barnett and Selzer taking 11 and 8 percent, respectively, while Kucera at simply 1. Colyer has yet to react with a study of his own, however you do not run an advertisement like this from a location of strength.

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