Miracle Baby! Fetty Wap’s Girlfriend Alexis Skyy Gives Birth THREE MONTHS Early!

OMG, so scary!

Fetty Wap‘s girlfriend Alexis Skyy gave birth to Tuesday — which came as quite the shock as she wasn’t due for another three months!

Alexis shared an Instagram Story with supporters after being rushed to the hospital when her water broke unexpectedly, stating:

“She’s going to be a preemie, but she is healthy and that’s the only thing that matters to me”

Alexis and Fetty also revealed that they had been born prematurely.

Happily things have gone as smoothly as possible as the Enjoy And Hip Hop: Hollywood star successfully gave birth via C-section. According to TMZ Fetty stayed by his baby momma’s side in the hospital the entire time.

The Shade Room accounts the couple’s daughter Alayia weighs only a bit over 1 LB and is currently in NICU. She seems to be doing OK so far as Alexis shared:

Awwwwwww! So adorable!

Alayia is Alexis’ first daughter. Fetty has three additional children.

Congratulations and sending positive vibes!

[Picture via Instagram. ]

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