Artificial island made up of recycled plastic bottles and thrash

You can sail around the world with this artificial island

Richart Sowa forms a self-sufficient artificial island that is made up of old plastic bottles, thrash, woods, etc., you name it.

Why did he spend so much time on this project you may asked ?

Richart or you can call him Rishi, is a British artist who believes in the power of love and the power faith. He believes that our current problems in today’s world lies in our eyes. The Trash. If we spend some effort in reusing it and loving it of course,  it would evolved into something more meaningful and eventually the power of love and faith would lead us into solving our problems. It may sound foolish at first but this is what Rishi believes in.

For his artificial island, it took him about 100,00o plastic bottles and many hours with the help of volunteers to create it. In fact it took him about 6 months to build it. And he is not stopping at that. He is growing it in size and with more trees and plants so that the island can float and hold it together with its strong roots.

artificial island

In his island, he has his well self sustaining eco system that feeds from the sunlight to power all his needs.

This island is slowly evolving into something bigger and Rishi needs your help !

What he needs from you is your Thrash! You heard it right! Your Thrash!

Find out from this video how Rishi build his island and his philosophy in life.

What a beautiful artificial island, Rishi !


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