Forget about immortality we can live a max lifespan of 125

max lifespan of 125

Do you want to live to a ripe old age of more than a hundred and enjoy high quality of life with no disabilties ? Yes you can with modern advances in medical technology but still our max lifespan is 125 years, no matter what.

Extending human life span has been the objectives of many scientist hoping that we achieved a dream solution that everyone could live for a very long time with high daily enjoyment of life.

The problem we have is that in order to extend one’s life requires all our organs and our overall body system to live that long and to work amicably well together as a whole. Many old age beings will start to face health problems when they are in the sixties or seventies, so most scientist today, are focusing their researches on how to overcome these diseases.

But let say if scientist has found solutions to prevent these diseases from happening to us, does it mean we can live healthily for a long time, say over 150 years or even more ?

Well, American Scientist has seem to come to answer that the maximum lifespan of a human being is 125 years. This is the maximum no matter what progress doctors has made against chronic diseases. It seems that it’s definitely old age in play, and you can’t extend mother nature forever. Jan Vig, the chairman of genetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, told the Chicago Tribune that ‘Further progress against infectious and chronic diseases may continue boosting average life expectancy, but not maximum life span.’

So while, the scientist has come to a conclusion on the maximum lifespan, I for one, will be contend with life as long as I can live to an old age of no disease and just let old age takes its course. Living happily for even a day, is even better than living 100 days in suffering in health. Just exercise, eat and enjoy life to the fullest on a daily basis. That is what our life should be.

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