Man’s munchies inspires some seriously delicious stoner food

Even though the future of marijuana at America isnt clear, something is certain smoking pot can definitely bring out your creative side.

While some stoners use their newfound creativity to craft impressive smoking apparatuses, others decide to take their invention to your kitchen.

Tre Levon has found himself at the center of a Twitter culinary moment recently, thanks to a little the munchies, several Nutella, and Crescent Rolls. After getting some fire bud from his source, Levon found himself searching for a bite, so he moved into the kitchen and made this masterpiece.

“Every time that I smoke I end up at the kitchen with no idea what I’m searching for, I simply let my belly do the job,” Levon clarified in an email.

Picture: tre Levon

Picture: Tre Levon

He shared his concoction to his followers on Twitter, which ignited a movement.

“Next thing you know everybody started sharing their own creations that they came up with after smoking and well the rest is history,” said Levon.

If anything, we expect that Master Stoner Chef will one day grace our television screens.


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