Man Tired Of All Negative News From 2017 Posts The Most Positive Things That Happened This Year

Bad news sells. Most of us know that there’s a negativity bias in the press, with things such as polarizing politics, politics, crime and war being the headlines, although positive, feel-good stories usually get a patronizingly off-the-cuff mention in the end.

Is this agenda of the media? Or merely a reflection of our preferences for bad news? Perhaps it’s evolutionary hangover, in which we react the strongest to things that we perceive to undermine our survival. Either way, there are lots of good news stories out there to revive your faith in the human race, you just have to look a bit harder for them.

Helpfully, Twitter user Jacob Atkins chose to compile a brief list of a few of the fantastic things we achieved this year, favorable and genuinely interesting achievements that you would fight to locate in an information update dominated by war, terror, Trump, Brexit, North Korea and all the other critically important yet divisive and contentious issues that we like to spend our days arguing about.

While I’m by no means suggesting that we ignore these items, perhaps just a little balance in our news coverage would not go amiss. So take some time on your daily life to seek out the good news in our own lives our species and our planet, as Jacob has completed. Because despite the doom and gloom we’re always bombarded with, there’s really much to be thankful for and to observe. Scroll down to check out Jacob’s listing, and feel free to add your own in the comments!

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