Making a Simple Machete with your bare hands and simple tools


Why a Machete is the Only Multitool You Really Need. A Machete is a multi-purpose knife which is used to cut all sort of things and can even be used as a weapon. A true multi-purpose Machete has a few different curves on its cutting edges that has many uses like for fine cuts, shaving, scrapping, stripping, skinning, bushwhack, chopping, slicing, dicing, precision cutting, opening cans, cracking nuts, hammering, ,opening beer bottles or even beard shaving and many more. That is why a machete is so valuable it is sometimes labelled the only knife a man really needs for survival.

There are many different types and styles of Machete, roughly more than 20 types each serving in it’s own purpose like cutting different kinds of vegetation, chopping woods, killing livestock, self-defence etc., so choosing the right type that suits your needs is important. If it’s for survival use, the Machete will be a bit more complicated and has different gradient of shapes on it’s cutting edge. Complicated shapes of this kind will require many machining process with automation tools which most people do not have in their homes.

But if you are really interested to make one but do not have any machining tool, making a simple mini-Machete with only some simple tools like hammer, clamps, sandpapers, saw, hand files and a marker pen is possible. Of course this requires a bit of perseverance, sweat, and time, because there is no power tools involved, but once you complete it, you will definitely have an own-made knife that you will be dearly attached too, because of all the effort you put in.

Hey, it will be your tool that you will use quite often and it will definitely worth your effort. Watch this video here to see how it is being made.

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