Making a Murderer and 12 More TV Shows That Have Saved Real Lives

Netflix’s true-crime series Stimulating a Murderer helped get Brandon Dassey’s conviction overruled. From House to Spongebob Squarepants, there are 12 more shows that have saved real-world lives.


Romance-killing true love dealerships and nine seasons of Big Bang Theory aside, television is also possible genunely life-changing. Its full of tempting life hacks, from sleeping with the POTUS, who is your boss( like in Scandal ), to sleeping with a doctor, who is your boss( Grey’s Anatomy ), to shooting your boss( How to Get Away With Murder ). Friends brainwashed a generation of women into thinking that The Rachel was universally flattering, and Americas Next Top Model tricked the entire world into believing that you can actually smile with your eyes.

But while we can all claim that television events such as Chads scorched-earth approach to Bachelor in Paradise or Simone Biless Olympic dominationgave us life, few can say that Tv literally saved “peoples lives”. And yes, were talking about the literal definition of literally, not Katrina Piersons.

Making a Murderer

Last week, Making a Murderer superstar Brendan Dassey became the latest subject capable of claiming that Tv saved their own lives. Or Netflix, to be exact in his case. The then-1 7-year-old was convicted, along with his uncle Steven Avery, in the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. Brendan was a high school sophomore when he was first interrogated about the violation. He had a low-grade I.Q. and was enrolled in special educational classes. Stimulating a Murderer shows Dassey as an unconvincing criminalintellectually objection and often confused. One of the presents most heart-wrenching instants shows the police questioning a clearly befuddled Brendan a series of leading questions, basically feeding him the right answers.

The presents implicit indictment of the criminal justice system was partially redressed last week, when a federal judge in Milwaukee overruled Brendan Dasseys conviction. According to tribunal reports, the creedthat led to Dasseys life in prison sentence was obtained via false-hearted promises. The researchers shady inquisition, combined with Dasseys age, intellectual deficits, and the absence of a supportive adult, produced the judge to rule the creed involuntary. After almost a decade behind bars, Dassey will be liberated within 90 days, barring an appeal from the prosecution.

Scenes of a Crime

Back in 2014, Adrian Thomas suffered a remarkably similar reversal of fate. In 2009, Thomas was convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to 25 years for allegedly killing his infant son. His story subsequently became the subject of the award-winning Panoramas of a Crime. The gripping documentary posited that Thomass 10 -hour interrogation culminated in a false-hearted creed. Just two years later, the New York State Court of Appeals acquitted Thomas in a new trial, ruling that psychological pressure cancelled his creed. Its safe to say that Scenes of a Crime garnered crucial legal support for the case, bringing Thomass story to the attention of their own nationals audience as well as justice reform groups such as The Innocence Project and Center on Wrongful Convictions. Producer Grover Babcock offered a crucial caveat in the wake of the celebratory ruling, noting that the Adrian Thomas case is far from unique. The only unique thing about Adrian Thomass case is that the process was richly documented.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

In a slightly more comedic take over true-blue violation, Larry Davids famously self-centered Curb Your Enthusiasm inadvertently acquitted a total stranger. Juan Catalanwhos never actually visualized Davids off-kilter comedyspent 5 months in jail on a false-hearted murder accusation. Prosecutors didnt buy Catalans alibi; the father-god claimed that he was with his kids at Dodger Stadium on the night in question. Catalans lawyer couldnt find a clearly defined match for his patron on game footage. Luckily, Catalan subsequently recalled an HBO TV crew filming nearby. That crew was collecting footage for the Carpool Lane episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which follows Davids attempt to get at a Dodgers game in time. Apparently, Catalans head had managed to make it into the corner of an outtake. The tapes, who the hell is period coded, ultimately corroborated Catalans alibi, and a judge ordered his release.

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