Make your breakfast more bubbly with new ros jelly

The world just can’t get enough ros, even in nonalcoholic form it seems.

With the debut of all ros deodorant, gummy bears, and even ros Alfredo sauce (uh, no thanks), most wine drinkers and trendy kids everywhere are far more obsessed with all the millennial pink-colored rather than previously.

And should you believe the tendency is on its way out and poured down the drain believe again. You can now add a bit of pink for your lunch with ros jelly.

The wonderful business brain supporting the jelly is appropriately named Drunk Jelly, also ros jelly isn’t their only baby. In their Etsy store, they offer other wine-inspired jellies such as pinot noir, moscato, chardonnay, pinot grigio, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon.

As stated by the store, their ros jelly contains traces of cherry, watermelon, and lime (yum), and is perfect for matching with breads, meats, cheeses, and crackers at your next celebration.

But if you believe you’ll have the ability to sneak into a midday buzz through your lunch break, you are out of luck. Regrettably, the jellies are non-alcoholic, which means they’re still yummy, but you won’t have the ability to substitute a morning mimosa with your next bagel.

We know that are some people out there which may be a bit over the ros craze, yet this jelly is just so pretty that we can’t help but need to give it a try. If it makes our breakfast a tiny bit more exciting, leave us alone and pass the jar.

[H/T: Bustle]

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