London’s famous black cabs are going electric

The new electric London taxi, which perhaps will one day come into an environmentally friendly city near you.
Image: LEVC

The iconic London black taxi has been reinvented in a way that could hit back at that four-letter app that will not be termed whilst helping the environment, also.

The new electric taxi, called the TX, retains the look and size of this classic layout, but has many different features that really only make sense.

In unveiling the automobile, London Taxi Company relaunched as London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) a wholly owned subsidiary of Geely. With that rebranding comes tough plans to sell its vehicles all around the world.

The TX.

Image: LEVC

The TX utilizes eCity technologies to operate for about 70 miles on the battery before switching to a petrol engine, to get a variety of about 400 miles. LEVC boasts that this could take passengers from London to Edinburgh or Paris without having to stop for fuel, but more realistically this means that taxis will emit fewer emissions while idling from the unlimited London traffic.

And since this is a story about London black cabs, we would be totally remiss if we didn’t bring up Uber, their mortal enemy.

Inside the TX.

Image: LEVC

The term “Uber” is unquestionably a dirty word when you are sat in the rear of a London black taxi, and LEVC expects this cleaner taxi will highlight the “premium” service black taxis supply as they combat the many Toyota Prius’ of Uber.

Other pluses that LEVC points out include charging points for Wi-Fi and phones. A new retractable incorporated ramp will make it easier for drivers to load passengers in wheelchairs, and there will be induction loops for hearing aids and contrasting grab handles and seat borders for the partially sighted.

A media picture for its launch on July 11.

Image: LEVC

LEVC says we could expect to observe the vehicles on London streets after this year, just in time to get new Transport for London (TfL) principles stating that all new cabs from Jan. 1, 2018, must be capable of producing zero emissions. Diesel cabs will slowly be phased out. TfL and other bands will slowly build more charging channels specializing in black cabs.

Ooo, shiny.

Image: LEVC

These measures are a part of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s battle against air pollution. Khan and TfL are also introducing more fully electric bus routes.

While LEVC didn’t announce pricing, London taxis don’t come cheap. Alan Filsell, a cab driver interviewed from the Guardian, said that for the new cab, Theyre talking to us about 50,000,” while the model he had been driving cost about 43,000. LEVC asserts that the move to electric will save drivers on average 100 per week .

Ready for all those narrow London streets.

Image: LEVC

Greenpeace has welcomed the taxis’ switch to electric, and surely the move will contribute to decreasing the high levels of contamination in London.

Perhaps it’ll prove to be great PR for the historic brand, as Uber reels out of scandals between its executives and being called “morally unacceptable” by politicians.

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