Learning at Columbia College Online

Established in 18 1951, Columbia College is continuing to help students further their educational journeys through higher learning for over 150 years. The motto, “the college is a university that teaches young people to think,” tells it all. This classical institution of higher learning provides its students with a rich curriculum, intercollegiate research opportunities, and opportunities for professional development. In addition to a wonderful location in suburban Columbia, SC, Columbia College is also accessible via the Internet. Students wishing to pursue an online Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or PhD can do so from their home or office using the Internet.

With the help of the Internet, students no longer have to leave their homes or busy work schedules in order to attend classes. This convenient arrangement allows students to work at their own pace while attending classes at the same time. They are able to take courses at times that are most convenient for them. Also, they are not limited by the schedule of local colleges.

When choosing Columbia College, SC as a destination, prospective students need to understand the depth of the course offerings. There are several undergraduate degrees available, and the graduate program is among the most comprehensive in the South Carolina area. Students interested in the Master’s degree in Education may also want to consider the online Master’s program. This comprehensive master’s degree program trains students to work with the academic and nonacademic aspects of school.

Students also have the opportunity to choose which modules they would like to pursue. Subjects that require general education knowledge may be chosen over specific courses that will only benefit a specific topic or field. Many online colleges offer a core curriculum, which is necessary for all students. Others offer a foundation in the basics of the English language and liberal arts. Still others provide a specialized curriculum for distance education. A student interested in obtaining a master’s degree should consider whether these additional modules help fulfill his educational goals.

Courses taken at Columbia College typically include core courses in history, American government, and early American history. Students also have the option of selecting electives in art, economics, communications, geography, humanities, liberal arts, psychology, sociology, science, and technology. Elective courses can also be chosen from a wide range of areas such as accounting, business, communications, environmental studies, human resources, legal studies, marketing, lifestyle, religious studies, and Spanish. A student may also elect to enroll in a specialty course, which could count toward earning a degree in a specific area.

The courses at Columbia College are generally categorized into non-credit and credit courses. Non-credit courses are designed to help students develop skills that are needed throughout the process of earning their degree. These non-credit courses may also help students better prepare for their careers upon graduation. Some popular non-credit courses include communications, cultural studies, economics, global studies, health sciences, information systems, law and justice, science, technology, and sociology. Many students also find that they benefit from taking a foreign language course while enrolled at Columbia College.

Students who wish to earn an Associate’s degree may complete coursework on their own through self-study or by enrolling in a class at the campus. Students can find instructions and details for each course online. Professors assign reading, assignments, and tests regularly. Students can earn their diplomas either by passing exams or by successful completion of coursework and a test. Students who are not enrolled in a course at the time of receiving a diploma will have to complete a minimum of five hours of community college coursework in order to transfer to a four-year university.

In addition to taking courses at the local Columbia College campus, students at other colleges in the region can also take advantage of the technology provided to them through distance education. Students can learn at their own pace, so they can fit learning into a busy lifestyle if possible. Online classes can also be more flexible, allowing students to work around other aspects of their lives while attending classes at Columbia College. There is no need to worry about the amount of time it will take to earn a degree or how many credits it will take.

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