Learn About Brilliant Earth Jewelry and More

Brilliant Earth is a jewelry design which sells and procures lab-created and naturally-occurring gems and other precious gemstones from the People’s Republic of China and otherources worldwide. The company has been established in August 2005 by Beth Gerstein and is currently located in San Francisco, California with a second facility in Hong Kong. Brilliant Earth has grown to become one of the major players in the field of natural and organic precious gemstone jewelry. It sells jewelry consisting of rare and hard-to-find gems and stones, as well as creating custom designs.

The primary goal of Brilliant Earth, like most independent companies in the precious gemstone market, is to produce jewelry that is both “green” and “organic”. Brilliant Earth’s materials are primarily lab-created gemstones mined from the People’s Republic of China and Brazil. These include cabochons and doldrums, along with other green items such as corals and fossilized coral. Brilliant Earth also deals in “orphan” stones, those which have escaped the attention of the gemological industry, but are still of high quality.

The “lab” is an egg-shaped structure where molten glass is poured. The resulting pieces then pass through a polishing process, which causes them to have a sparkling appearance. Brilliant Earth jewelry incorporates the newest technologies in gemology, and the company has a very comprehensive gemological learning center. The company’s gemologists are continuously on the lookout for stones that are of interest to customers, so that they can create new collections.

Brilliant Earth also sells its own creations in jewelry. The majority of their collection is inspired by ethnic art forms. The use of irregular shapes is one method used to make unique jewelry. Some pieces contain cubic zirconia, which is a semi-precious stone with a remarkable resemblance to diamond, but is far more affordable. Cubic zirconia stones can be cut into rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets.

Brilliant Earth also makes jewelry inspired by nature. They create shells from different types of coral, including abalone and fossilized amber. In addition to this, the company also creates watches and accessories inspired by the Amazon jungle and other natural settings. You can purchase a waterproof watch made from a type of clam shell, for example. Brilliant Earth has a vast selection of gemstones and natural stones.

Brilliant Earth has a huge assortment of gemstones and stones, but some of their most popular collections include those that come from India. There are several Brilliantearth exclusive collections which were inspired by the country of India. For example, the Vastu Mocha Bangle is a beautiful bangle made from semi-precious and black Jasper stones. This bangle has a tapered design, with a flat band around the edge. It is also adorned with colorful gemstones and stones. The Lariat, which is encrusted with 24 diamonds, is another one of Brilliant Earth’s exclusive jewelry collections.

In addition to jewelry, Brilliant Earth makes a wide selection of home goods. For example, they make organic jewelry and natural soaps. These products are great for anyone who wants to do their part for the environment without harming it in the process. Brilliant Earth also makes books, art prints, posters, and a variety of other items inspired by nature. Brilliant Earth also makes literature and music inspired by nature.

Brilliant Earth continues to grow in popularity. The company plans on releasing more products. They are currently working on a line of jewelry named after Mother Nature. This will be released later this year. Additionally, Brilliantearth plans on releasing a kid’s line of products. Their other products will also have a green product theme.

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