Las Vegas’ airport now lets you ditch your weed in special trash cans before flying

Las Vegas is kind of the perfect haven for recreational pot smokers. It’s a land of hedonism that encourages natives and visitors alike to indulge their every whim—otherwise known as, well, “Sin City.” Gamblers who win big can light up a celebratory joint, and those who lose big can smoke to forget about their financial woes for a while.   

There’s just one thing you can’t do with weed in Vegas: take it out of Vegas.

Thankfully, Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport has devised a solution for smokers who bought a little too much product and can’t take it out of the state with them. The airport has installed 10 large, green trash cans for travelers to dispose of their prescription and recreational drugs before hopping on their flight.

What you smoke in Vegas stays in Vegas

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