Kourtney Kardashian Is Starting A Beauty Line With A Terrible Name

Is not simply the title of a reality TV series, but it’s a hobby which’s becoming a bigger pain in the bum by the afternoon. The enigmatic pregnancies have taken a toll on my emotional health already–such as, Kris, IS KYLIE PREGNANT, YES OR NO?! At this rate, we & rsquo; ll know until Kylie instagrams her newborn at a heap of something or kits. In this midst of this insanity, it ends up yet *another* Kardashian wants to make millions off of us beauty products. It’s true, you ought to begin prepping your bank accounts today.

The most recent addition to the cosmetics sector looks like it might well be the only health freak queen, Kourtney. In accordance with TMZ, they’ve “learned” Kourtney has registered some lawful docs to trademark the title, “Kourt.” V Inspiring enjoy her continuous use of one-word answers. Apparently, she filed these under her company’s title, “2DIE4KOURT,” that seems like it could’t been her very first screen name, but in any event, it sounds like a straight-up ~mood~ for an upcoming beauty mogul.

The specific goods continue to be unknown, although the documents are reportedly filed under the & ldquo; Services and Goods & rdquo; class. Shocking. It doesn’t help that Kourt (yes, we’re on a nickname basis) submitted this v mysterious picture on her Insta narrative, including different logos alongside some Kylie Cosmetics pencil and pad:

So, is she creating her very own makeup? Maybe a line? Collaborating with King Kylie on a few lip kits? Kendall, Khloé, do you have anything you’d like to share with the group? Who fucking knows.

What we *do* know is, it’ll be like, some natural shit like, 10 times what it is sold by Colourpop for. I’ll be first in line so rest assured I’ll keep you guys posted.



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