Just when you thought fidget spinners were done, someone made a freaking DIY lightsaber out of them

The fidget spinner trend may have died down some time ago but Youtube user Riku, uploaded a movie last Friday that has us all wanting to revive it.  

In the movie an insane DIY fidget spinner sword which has compressed atmosphere attached to spin the spinners is created by Riku.  

Envision a weapon which could destroy things simply by brushing against it, kind of like a lightsaber.  

Image: through giphy

Riku secured an air compressor to the weapon and attached over 40 spinners. Spinners to begin spinning when he presses the air compressor handle the force causes of the fidget. The entire thing took him .

Riku revealed the power of the weapon by destroying a huge bottle and a few wine glasses, which all shattered in motion glory.

You shouldn’t expect a sword that is luminous with effects, yet this DIY weapon remains ingenious. Lets hope he doesn’t join the dark side of the drive.    

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