Johnny Holton has the ‘holy sh*t’ speed the Raiders need

Johnny Holton

Sure, there are the deep paths, however the person’’ s more than simply a one-trick pony’, if they ’ ll offer him the possibility.

Raiders receiver Johnny Holton just has 11 receptions in his very first 2 seasons, however he has the prospective to do a lot more than that this year.


Holton has speed to burn. That man transports ass up and down the field on movie. That might not be the only thing he succeeds, however it is for damn sure the very first thing that leaps out at you.

. There ’ s quick, and after that there ’ s “ holy sh * t, who was that? ” quickly, and Holton is extremely the latter.

With that sort of speed, defenses need to stay up and focus when Holton is out there on the field. If one person is reluctant Holton might be behind everyone in a flash. That is particularly real when he ’ s lined up in the slot and has the opportunity’to obtain up on a security in a rush. I saw him simply zipping individuals in 2015 regularly, to the point where it ended up being regular. The only issue was he didn ’ t get all that numerous chances to play’on offense last season.


Of course a few of that most likely relates to the 3 times he fumbled in 2015, particularly because 2 of them were recuperated by the opposing group. Holton is definitely going to need to repair his ball security concerns moving forward if he anticipates to get the trust of the brand-new training personnel in Oakland. Jon Gruden has actually can be found in guaranteeing to bring the group back to prominence with an old-school viewpoint, so I can ’ t envision he will be anymore tolerant of turnovers than the previous routine.’


At the exact same time, I can see Gruden being captivated with Holton ’ s speed and begin fantasizing about all the methods he might utilize Holton’to either press the ball down the field or open things below.

. Holton doesn ’ t need to be a one-trick pony, either.

At’6 ’ 0 and 190 pounds, Holton has great size, so it ’ s not like all his paths need to be’deep balls. He certainly doesn ’ t seem scared of contact. Holton has actually been a quite excellent gunner on the punt group, so he has actually currently revealed he has plenty of durability, too.


He might offer the Raiderslots of huge plays when he captures the ball short, then strikes the afterburners. Simply envision Holton capturing a shallow crossing path versus man-to-man.


Of course, Gruden and nem might likewise get Holton included running speed sweeps, end arounds and other “ trick ” plays of that nature. It “would be” a simple method to provide him an opportunity to make a have fun with the ball in his hands without him needing to abandon a path.


Fumbling aside, I in fact believed he revealed some respectable hands capturing the ball too in 2015. If he can simply repair that ball security concern, you ’ re discussing a person who might be a major weapon for Oakland this year, even as a backup. It ’ s not like he ’d need to set the world on fire to finest his profession high of 9 catches last season anyhow. He did likewise handle to score 3 goals in 2017, and I believe he can do far better than that this year.


As long as he provides himself an opportunity.

The Raiders have a lot of skill at pass receiverwith Amari Cooper , Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant. Nelson is getting older and Bryant is one bad choice away from being gotten rid of from the league once again. I wear ’ t anticipate Holton to begin over those 3 people, however there is need to think he can still end up being a routine factor and make a great deal of huge plays this year as long as he avoids of his own method.


Confidence level: Low


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