Is your iPhone battery draining super fast? Update the YouTube app


Do you own an iPhone? Have you noticed that the YouTube program is depleting your cherished mobile’s battery life at a remarkably speedy pace?

Excellent news: YouTube says it’s fixed the battery bug in the newest version of the program.

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In version 12.45 of this YouTube program, the company lists a single change: “Fixed a problem with battery usage.” In an email response, a YouTube spokesperson says the problem was actually fixed in version 12.44 of this program, but the release note has been inserted to 12.45.

The company claims the battery bug changed YouTube app variations 12.42 and 12.43, and was not tied to any specific iOS apparatus or system version.

Adhering to the iPhone X’s global launch on Nov. 3, users started discovering their telephones were losing battery life quickly and overheating while streaming videos for short periods of time.

Individuals saw their battery drain from streaming 10-15 minutes of video, as much as 20 percent. Others saw less power draw, but it was concerning sufficient for YouTube to search into.

Although many iPhone X users were the ones viewing the most battery drain (including me), the battery bug was not limited to Apple’s most up-to-date phone. A few iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users also reported exactly the issues.

The program doesn’t specifically mention that the repair is for the iPhone X, so improvements may be seen by other apparatus users as well. I’ve found my iPhone X’s battery life not drain after upgrading the program.

Now’s a great time while using YouTube, if you’ve noticed these battery issues.

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