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Is Pamela Anderson Seriously Blaming Harvey Weinstein’s Victims??


She stated of being a victim when she was young:

“You somehow believe you were to blame. However, I learned never to place myself in those places again. When I came to Hollywood I’d have had a lot of offers to perform personal auditions, things that made absolutely no feeling, just common sense. Do not go into a hotel room. If a person answers the door in a bathrobe leave. These things are common sense.”

She goes on to say “Hollywood is seductive” but that she didn’t want to begin getting famous like that.

Um… Sorry, but is she indicating a few of those women who were assaulted did? She seems to say that they should have known better as she says she managed to not enter situations with Harvey or some other:

“I think it had been common knowledge, that certain manufacturers and certain individuals in Hollywood are individuals to avoid, privately. You know what you’re getting into in the event that you go to a hotel room alone.”

“You know what you’re getting into”?

Eesh. View Pam’s interview (below) and decide for yourself if she’s sending the wrong message!

[Image via NBC. ]

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