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Is Harvey Weinsteins Matt Lauer Biopic Starring Louis CK In Trouble?

This afternoon, longtime news anchor and host of this Today show Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC for allegedly participating in several cases of sexual harassment. Amid the controversy, nevertheless, many have some serious doubts about an high-profile job he was correlated with, which currently begs the question: Is Harvey Weinstein’s Matt Lauer biopic starring Louis CK in problem?

Let’s say… this isn’t.

According to those close to the subject, Lauer’s harassment allegations are presenting some serious hurdles for the film, titled American Newsman: The Matt Lauer Story, which was co-directed by Brett Ratner and Roman Polanski and written by Woody Allen. Despite receiving early praise in a profile done by PBS’s Charlie Rose, the Weinstein Company’s choice to push the release date back to spring just signals that the film, which also stars Kevin Spacey as Today show co-host Billy Bush, may never actually see the light of day.

To boot, all plans for an campaign headed by Bob Weinstein have been scrapped, meaning that the film might not even be published by May 2018–in any respect.

Yikes. Talk about a perfect storm. Plus, with several of the film’s encouraging actors such as Jeffrey Tambor, Jeremy Piven, and Richard Dreyfuss already distancing themselves from the job as Lauer’so shooting, this Matt Lauer biopic truly seems to be on life support.

So is this film in trouble? Well, it’s obvious that the head honchos in Miramax cannot be happy right now. But who knows, in a few weeks, the film could be published to rave reviews!

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